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At Alpha Offshore Ltd. we take pride in delivering the best results for our clients and exceed their expectations. Our work is detail oriented and we will take ownership of the tasks and services we provide. 

Due to our extensive knowledge within technical management of assets it is our aim to reduce  OPEX expenses and simplify the processes. 

With our Financial Services it is our goal to provide savings exceeding our yearly fee. 

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  • We can assist with purchasing of spare parts and services for your daily operation and projects e.g. dry docking and upgrades.

  • If you have an immediate use of a purchaser for day to day operation or additional assistance for a project we are ready to assist for both long and short time assignments.  

  • Review of purchase processes and optimization of same which will result in a reduction in PO's, invoices and warehouse handling costs.

  • Assist with selection and implementation of marine logistics or optimization of existing logistical setup.

  •  Training for purchasers and purchase departments. We will provide one on one training with hands on guidance and learning. 


In our pool of professionals we can provide manpower and contractors for all your needs incl.

Alpha Offshore will present resumes for owners selection and approval and handle all payroll and liability insurances accordingly.   

  • Welding Supervisors

  • Structural Supervisors

  • Shore Base Logistics

  • Shore base Managers

  • Onsite Project engineers for construction and upgrades 

  • Onsite or remote Project & Ops Administrators

  • Drilling Superintendents

  • Site Supervisors


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Financial services

Our Financial service is best in class assistance for ship owners using third party technical managers.

With busy days for small technical teams it can be difficult to keep up with a detailed monthly and quarterly OPEX review of technical managers. 

At Alpha Offshore we will take over your OPEX review and validate monthly reports and general letters provided by technical managers.

Our service includes below:


  • Monthly overall OPEX review and checking correct use of account codes, budget vs YTD expenses

  • Quarterly audit for bigger expenses (checking approvals, quotes and vendor selection)

  • Quarterly financial report with comments to be used for owners financial review with Managers

  • Detailed comparison of vessels budget and overruns - recommendations to Managers

  • Cost reduction and optimization initiatives on OPEX related costs

  • Assisting owner validating OPEX budgets presented by technical managers

Monthly cost per vessel $600  


CONTACT US  Tel: +66 992077771

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